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Several airlines serve Nosy Be:
Air Madagascar
Air Austral
The duration of the flight Paris-Nosy Be is approximately
10 hours.


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Scube diving around Nosy Be

The Mozambique Channel, the aquarium of western Madagascar, offers an impressive and undisturbed diving extravaganza. Nosy Be offers fantastic diving for beginners and experienced divers alike, offering rich coral diversity with an abundance of marine life from all over the Indian ocean. Although Nosy Be is home to several dive centers, the dive business is still in relative infancy, and it is unusual to see another dive boat at the same site.

Plongé sous-marine
Plongé sous-marine
Plongé sous-marine
Plongé sous-marine
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Plongé sous-marine
Plongé sous-marine
Plongé sous-marine
Plongeur dans le eaux de Nosy Be
Plongeur dans le eaux de Nosy Be
Plongeur dans le eaux de Nosy Be

Nosy Tanikely : Just 20 minutes by boat from Ambataloaka, Nosy Tanikely is one of the most popular dive sites of Nosy Be. The island is a national park and marine reserve and entices snorkelers and divers alike. The island has magnificent beaches and you may be able to see the resident lemur population, and a short walk to the lighthouse on the islands highest point will offer a camera feast! The reefs around the island are magnificent and are home to a large variety of Indian ocean fish species, turtles, sea fans, nudibranches, crocodile fish, large groupers and will be a delight to all divers. Locate on mapLocate on map of Nosybe

Nosy Iranja and nearby islands : Around 2 hours by boat from Nosy Be is Nosy Iranja. This region offers several fantastic dive sites and each is a sub aquatic paradise. The sand is powder white, and the water a fantastic blue and you can expect to see a huge range of sea life. It is fantastic! The opportunity to see sharks is not uncommon, and if you are lucky you may see schools of bottle nosed dolphins cruising by. Iranja offers you a chance experience all the delights that the sea has to offer.

The Grand Bank : Around 35 – 40 minutes away by boat is the Grand Bank. This is an open ocean drop off with depths from as little as 20m, dropping off to 80m+. The grand bank is home to superb diving and will excite even the most experienced divers. Being in the open ocean dramatically increases the chances of seeing something special, and experienced divers can visit the huge underwater pinnacles covered with gorgonian sea fans. Truly remarkable diving!

Nosy Sakatia : Just 15 minutes by boat from Ambataloaka is Nosy Sakatia. Famous for its surrounding dive sites, the waters surrounding Sakatia island are rich in corals and marine life and are home to many different dive sites, some featuring small ship wrecks, drop offs, swim through caverns and pinnacles. Being closer to the open ocean increases the chances of seeing something big such as a Manta, whale or whale shark. Locate on mapLocate on map of Nosybe

Center Scuba Diving
Plongée à Nosy beScuba Nosy BeFacebook Scuba Nosy Be
+261 32 07 96 158
Aqua Diving
(261) 86 921 95
(261) 33 02 020 40

Coral Diving MadagascarFacebook
‘Aviavy Hotel’, Madirokely Beach, Nosy-Be
Richard : (+261) (0) 32 52 160 67

Forever Dive
(261) 32 07 125 65
Mada Plouf
(261) 33 14 248 33
Dive Club

(261) 86 060 46
(261) 32 04 386 77
Manta Dive
(261) 32 07 207 10
Tropical Diving
(261) 32 07 127 90
Oceane's Dream
(261) 32 07 127 82
(261) 32 07 127 85
Sakatia Lodge
(261) 32 07 798 26
+261 325 384 798
Le Grand Bleu
Antanamitarana - Andilana
(261) 86 920 23
(261) 33 14 248 16
Nosy Komba Plongée
Nosy Komba east of the village Ampangorina
+261 32 44 901 30
+261 20 86 931 46
Nosy Be Plongée / Nosy Be CroisièresFacebook
Mitsiky Madagascar
BP 297 - Hellville
+261 32 02 203 55 / +66 84 844 60 94 / +33 640 631 448
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