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Nosy Be, an island paradise, is located in the north west of Madagascar, in the western Indian ocean.
There are many hotels, bungalows, houses, villas, restaurants, diving centers, fishing charters and boat trips available,
to allow you to have a peaceful or exciting holiday experience.
This site is a presentation of the island of Nosy Be, also known as ‘Fragrant Island’ or ‘Big Island’.

nosy be island

We will present you with places to visit, leisure attractions, hotels, bungalows and restaurants…
A visit to the islands beaches is also included in the program as well as excursions to the surrounding islands
such as Nosy Komba or Nosy Iranja. We will provide you with useful information such as Visa requirements,
health issues, airline information, car rental, motorbike and quad rental, boat charters,
villa rental and many other useful items. We also have a beautiful gallery on our site.

So, we invite you to visit Nosy Be, the visitor’s pearl of Madagascar.

InfoThe entry visa for Madagascar is FREE for a stay of 1 month and less, for all of 2015.

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