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Presenting the island of Nosy Be, Madagascar

Located in the north west of Madagascar, Nosy be is an island paradise rich in fauna and flora, a SCUBA divers promised land with an extensive coral reef system housing creatures & corals from all over the Indian ocean. The island covers 321 km2 and is the visitor’s showcase of Madagascar, a dream destination offering white sandy beaches. So go ahead and treat yourself to a fantastic holiday in Nosy Be!
Andilana beach

The splendor of the tropical sun gives you 345 days of sunshine per year to enjoy. Surrounded by beautiful small islands, Nosy Be is a land of dreams and tropical adventure with no equal. Economic activity here in Nosy Be is increasingly directed towards developing responsible tourism, and is progressing steadily thanks to the opening of an international airport on the island. Air Madagascar and Air Austral offer direct links from Europe.

Hotels, restaurants, bungalows and diving centers are multiplying on the island in order to provide increasing options for visitors. There are many ‘Clubs’ that offer boating excursions, fishing charters as well as luxury catamaran charters. It is also possible to rent cars, 4x4’s, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles to explore the island alone or with a guide. Private and shared taxis are also widely available.


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Locating Madagascar and Nosy Be

Madagascar, the worlds 4th largest island is located in the western Indian Ocean, close to Africa’s east coast. Separated from the African mainland by the Mozambique Channel.

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