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InfoThe entry visa for Madagascar is FREE for a stay of 1 month and less, for all of 2015.
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Dry season: April to October. Wet season: November to March. Nosy Be accounts 345 days of sunshine a year. The water temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees C.

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Useful information for Nosy Be

Below is some useful information to get to Nosy Be, airlines, visa, health, climate change, language, bus ... and to invest in Madagascar.

It is relatively easy to find airline tickets to Nosy Be, Madagascar, starting France, Reunion, Italy ... Below the three airlines that serve Nosy Be. You can also contact your travel agent usual.
Corsairfly :A flight per week from Paris, direct Tananarive. Corsair Fly is a company Nouvelles Frontieres.
Air Madagascar
Air Madagascar : Direct flight Paris-Nosy Be or through Tana.
Several flights per week from Paris, Marseille, Brussels, Milan, ... to Antananarivo (Tana) then daily flight Tana-Nosy Be.
air austral
Air Austral : 2 flights per week departing the island of La Reunion, Nosy Be direct.
The duration of the flight Paris-Nosy Be is about 10 hours.
The formalities to come to Nosy Be are very simple :
A visa is issued on the spot on arrival at the airport of Nosy Be (Fascène). You can also obtain a Malagasy Embassy or Consulate in your country. It is valid for a maximum of 3 months, 1 time. Entry Visa to Madagascar for 1 month and less will be FREE from April 20, for all of 2015.
Madagascar Embassy in France :
Madagascar Embassy in Switzerland :
Madagascar Embassy in Belgium :
Antimalarial treatment strongly recommended. Provide anti mosquito repellents.
No vaccine is mandatory (to be updated its current vaccines).
Dry season: April to October. Wet season: November to March. Nosy Be record 345 days of sunshine a year. The water temperature rarely drops below 25 degrees C.

The currency is the Ariary (1 Euro = 3 000 Ariary, 2015April).
Many Malagasy still speak of the old currency, the Malagasy Franc (arrested since 2005), 1 Ariary = 5 MGs. We make little change in the few central banks or withdraw with a credit card.
Quote of the Day:

The official language is the Malagasy, but French is very practiced at Nosy Be.
A multitude of taxis "collective" in the transport across the island. Count 1 000 Ariary / person for a race in town. 2 000 Ariary / person to go to the beach Ambatoloaka. The rates doubled after 20H.
Time difference: 2 hours compared to France in winter, +1 hour in summer.
Tourist Office of Nosy Be
Chambre de Commerce - Hell Ville - 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar
(261 20) 86 920 62 / (261 20) 33 14 680 36 / (216 20) 32 04 163 78
Madagascar Embassy in France.
4 Avenue Raphaël - 75016 PARIS
Tél : 01 45 04 62 11 -
Consulat honoraire de France à Nosy Be.
BP 291- Hell-Ville - NOSY BE 207
Tél. : +261 32 07127 37
French Embassy in Madagascar
3 rue Jean-Jaurès - Ambatomena - BP 204 - Antananarivo 101
Tél. : [261] (20) 22 39 898 - Fax : [261] (20) 22 39 927
Internet : - Courriel :
PIC : Official site of the proposed Integrated Growth Pole. (in french)
PIC Project is a project of the Government of Madagascar, which aims to stimulate economic growth in broad social base of the poles identified by supporting sectors.
EDBM : Economie Development Board of Madagascar.
The EDBM is there to facilitate and promote domestic and foreign direct investments.
Our aim is to make the investment climate attractive to private companies and favorable to their success.
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