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Donia Festival

A music festival which was launched in 1994 by the local authorities and tourist operators
of Nosy Be. Donia is the biggest festival of the Indian Ocean, with its 50 000 spectators over 5 days. It takes place once a year in May. Nosy Be immersed in a tropical atmosphere for a week.


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Visits, attractions and distractions in Nosy Be

The treasure island, rich in flora & fauna, Nosy Be houses the beautiful ‘Lokobe’ nature reserve, ‘sacred tree’ and ‘Mt.Passot’. The charm of ‘Hell-ville’ (the islands main town, named after a decorated French sea captain) with its many shops, bars, discos and markets is a delight to all of its visitors. The smaller town of Dzamanzar has a tropical atmosphere and is also home to the annual music festival ‘Donia’.

Hell-Ville : Located in the southernmost part of Nosy Be, ‘Hell-Ville’, which means Hell-town is the capital of the island. It is a town that develops slowly and although one can find internet cafes and European restaurants, one can still see the remnants of old French colonialism with its architectural structures, buildings & old cannons. Called by the same name, the port of ‘Hell-Ville’ provides trade with mainland Madagascar as well as international freighters. All the islands needs are provided through the port.
Banks are at your disposal with ATM machines (VISA card only), and the city centre has many cafes, restaurants, snack bars and souvenir shops selling locally made goods. Bars and discotheques enable you to enjoy the wildest evenings, and the hotels and restaurants allow you dream in comfort and savor international cuisine or the tantalizing local delights of Nosy Be cuisine. Supermarkets and grocery stores offer their goods at attractive prices, and a huge range of local spices and handicrafts can be purchased at the outdoor markets. The city center is also the starting point for private taxis and the legendary ‘Shared Taxi’ (known as ‘Taxi-collective’) which can take to all parts of the island. Locate on mapLocate on map of Nosybe
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Hell City, overlooking the harbor
Hell-Ville, church
Hell-Ville, ruins
Hell-Ville, house
Hell-Ville, the center
Hell-ville, Prefecture
Hell-Ville, garden
Dzamandzar : The former cane sugar used for rum (Maris) can be found here. This is the second largest town in Nosy Be and is located on the west coast of the island. Music enchants the town throughout the day, and it is home to many night clubs and bars, creating an atmosphere which gives the locals their vibrancy. The number of hotels, restaurants and bars is growing, making Dzamandzar a visitors ‘Must See!’. Locate on mapLocate on map of Nosybe
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Range Dzamandzar
Center Dzamandzar
Groceries to Dzamandzar
Main Street Dzamandzar
Parking of taxis at Dzamandzar
Renault 4L, Nosy Be
Garden of the church
The Church of Dzamandzar

Donia Music Festival : A music festival that started in 1994 by the government and tour operators of Nosy Be. Donia is the largest music festival in the Indian ocean region, lasts for 5 days, and attracts over 50,000 visitors. It takes place annually in May and plunges Nosy be in to a fantastic tropical African atmosphere for a week. (© photo credit Cofestin) Web
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Music Festival in Nosy Be
Carnival Festival Donia
Scene of donia
50 000 visitors to Donia
Joajoby Festival Donia
Band Donia
Lights of Festivlal Donia Nosybe
Nosy Bé Donia Festival
Arbre Sacré Mahatsinjo : ‘The Sacred Forest’. A sight definitely not to be missed! It is located between Hell-Ville and the ‘Crater Marina’, and is accessible by car, motorcycle or bicycle. The sacred forest is beautiful and it’s where you will find the ‘Sacred Tree’ which is located in Mahatsinjo. The local people come here to pray and the colours white and red are the traditional colours of the Sakalava royalty.
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Arbre Sacré
Arbre Sacré
Allée de l'Arbre Sacré
Arbre Sacré, garden
Arbre Sacré, Instead of prayers
Arbre Sacré, lieu de prières
Arbre Sacré, Ecotourism
Mt. Passot & the ‘Crater Lakes’ : In the north of Nosy Be, some 20 Km from Hell-Ville is the islands highest point, which is a modest 329m. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful blue sacred lakes, some of which are said to have crocodiles. Hotels and tour operators organize tours to the summit in order to view the magnificent sunset.

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Mont Passot, lake view
Mont Passot, Nosy Sakatia view
Mont Passot, view on the lakes
Mont Passot, sunset
Reserve Lokobe, beach
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Reserve Lokobe, beach
Reserve Lokobe, flora
Réserve Lokobe, beach
Réserve Lokobe, lemur
Réserve Lokobe, snake
Réserve Lokobe, Chameleon
Lokobe Nature Reserve : The 740 hectares of reserve account for most of the remaining vegetation endemic to the island. his area also protects the Maki lemurs and the chameleons as well as preserving vital sources of flora and fauna. If you are lucky you will see the boa constrictors as well as 4 varieties of lemur. Of the many species of birds, you will probably be able to see the ‘Paradise Fly Catcher’ and the small kingfishers. In the small village of Ampasipohy you will find small bungalows which are the only place you can stay in the reserve. We do recommend that hire a guide for your trip.

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Little Waterfall : To get there take a path (possibly with a 4x4 or motorcycle) just before the main road junction with Ambatoloaka. The track can be very muddy during the rainy season. You will come across a barrier and the entrance fee is just 2000 Ariary per person. Follow the track until the end and you will be within walking distance of the waterfall, just 100m down a gentle ravine. The waterfall is beautiful and has it’s own small lake surrounded by lush flora and complete with fish. The waterfall is also a place of prayer for the Sakalava people.

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small cascade of Nosy Be
small cascade of NosybBe
Flora of the cascade
Access to the Little Cascade
Flora of the Cascade
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